Use this checklist as a guide for things to remember as you prepare for your interview!

Documents & Preparation

Do you have multiple copies of your resume printed on high-quality paper?
Do you have an extra copy of the cover letter you submitted?
If applying for a job requiring a portfolio, do you have examples of your work?
Do you have a completed application form or copy of the job posting?
Do you have a copies of you proof of employment eligibility and personal ID?
Do you have a notebook or extra paper to jot down notes and questions?
Do you have a sturdy folder or folio to organize all of the above documents neatly?
Have you researched the company beforehand to understand its industry, primary products/services and business mission?

Have you had a recent haircut or styled/combed/brushed your hair?
Have you taken time to organize a professional looking outfit?
Do you have shoes appropriate for the selected clothes?
Is your outfit wrinkle free and worn properly (ties, belts, collars, etc)
If you have poor eyesight, are you wearing your glasses or contact lenses?
Have you brushed your teeth/chewed gum to ensure no offensive odors?
Have you planned an appropriate amount of time to reach the location of the interview at least 15 minutes early?

Did you turn you cell phone off or set it to silent?
Did you make sure to use the restroom before the interview?
Did you make a proper introduction with a firm handshake and reasonable eye contact?
Did you maintain regular eye contact during the interview, maintain a proactive posture and ask good, relevant questions?
Did you take notes during the interview?
Did you engage in the interview by reacting to information with thoughtful, pertinent responses, with confidence and enthusiasm for the department/company?

Did you ask at least 2 meaningful questions?
Did you get a commitment for follow-up?
Did you collect all of your documents and belongings?
Did you close with a thank you and handshake?
Did you thank the receptionist or front-desk person too?

Did you send a customized thank-you letter within 24 hours of the interview?
Did you supplement the follow up letter with a phone call to the interviewer?
Did you take notes and apply knowledge from this interview for your next interview?
If offered the job, do you have a clear understanding of start time, salary and job expectations?
Thanks for viewing and best of luck to you on your interview!