Keywords are extremely important when crafting a resume. Some employers who receive resumes will specifically scour for certain keywords and even disqualify those that do not display them. They may not even get before human eyes without them. There is no one set of keywords that is appropriate for every resume because it will depend on your skills and the employers’ needs. Use the following tactics to improve your resume.

Every single word on the resume needs to serve a purpose. Try to place in important keywords that will stand out and draw attention. You do not want verbose wording. You also want to avoid repetition.

Pick words that will stand out and convey what you want. For instance, if they are looking for someone on management, then you want to portray your experience in this. Use action words such as led, managed and directed. If you want to show achievement, then put in words such as accomplished, increased and succeeded. The keywords created and established can show initiative. Problem solving can be shown with words such as solved, corrected and strengthened. You may also want to put in terms that show substantial amounts or number. For instance, if you saved a company millions of dollars, than do not just put in a term such as “A lot of money.” Instead write out those millions.

You should not have the same resume with the exact same keywords for every single job application. Different employers will be looking for different things, so you should tailor your resume to the exact job. Read through the job description, looking for specific requirements. For instance, if they require that someone is bilingual in Spanish and English, then you want to include those words on the resume.

In addition to adding in keywords from the actual job description, you can look for keywords related to the job title and the industry. Put in industry terms. If you do not know them, then do some research such as by looking at the websites of organizations in the industry.

There are some popular keywords that can are very powerful and often looked for by employers. These include words like leadership, problem-solving and decision-making. There are many internet websites that list such words, and you may improve your resume by incorporating some of these. One website you can consider includes You may also find more directed lists by cross-referencing your field.

Keywords can improve a resume greatly and increase your chances of getting hired. The above tips can aid you when incorporating these terms.