I work with many highly qualified candidates and help them improve their resume package, and there is one thing I tell all my clients they should do to maximize their chance of a response:

Follow up with a phone call or email to every job you apply to.

That’s it. One week after you apply, call or email both the HR person and hiring manager. A call is probably best, and since you will most likely get their voice mail anyway, go ahead and leave a message! A CONCISE and TO-THE-POINT message. Let them hear your enthusiasm and ssy:

Your name
the position you applied for
why you are a great candidate for the position. Specifically, why you are interested in the job and why you would bring value to the company.
This is a solid tactic that will set you part from the applicants who DIDN’T call to follow up, it will show that you are aggressive and can take the initiative–ie qualities that most hiring managers want to hire!

Be a little pushy–it’s okay, you won’t offend anyone as long as you are POLITE, DIRECT, and PROFESSIONAL at all times.

God luck in your job search!