1. Convey your ROI in first-person language.

Social media is all about engagement and relationship-building, right? Then foster some rapport with the people who read your Summary.

First-person language (“My work as a CFO affords the opportunity to become involved in complex financial reporting and modeling”) turns your Summary into a conversation, rather than a stilted, uncomfortable description (“Mary launched her career in supply chain management at ABC Company”).

The other benefit of writing your Summary in first-person? You can inject some energy and personality into your thoughts, showing readers why you’d make a great connection or employee:

You might believe a CIO’s job is to select the best technology, but I ensure the business need drives this decision, whether the goal is faster service, better quality, or more profit.

Sales has been my passion ever since I realized I could help businesses select the right enterprise software tools – adding continual value to customers long after the deal is closed.

  1. Share Your Work

Take every opportunity to add a meaningful picture of your ROI in this section, with extra steps to boost your keyword content. The result will be better findability and renewed employer interest.

  1. Get Lots of Recommendations

Hiring managers are impressed by recommendations, especially from people who have directly managed you. This will add a great deal of credibility and confirmation of your skills.

Also, utilize the Skills & Endorsements section of your profile. You can bolster your professional brand by adding skills your connections can endorse.

Your LinkedIn Summary is a make-or-break section of your Profile! Making it unique and memorable will definitely help you in your job search.