One of the best industries for getting a better than average compensation is in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Many sales professionals would like to be a part of this competitive industry, so if you have zero relevant experience you’re going to find it difficult to break through, unless you have a contact that can help, of course. Here are some tips to help you land that lucrative position!

Put together and work your target companies list

You should be seeking hidden positions at every medical company who works in your geography. In this highly competitive economy, many companies post new positions exclusively on their own websites, knowing taey will get a large response regardless. To find these not-so-obvious opportunities, create a database of all the company who meet your criteria for size and type, and start visiting the opportunities sections on their websites at least monthly to search for open positions Once you find a relevant opportunity, leverage your network to find someone who knows someone with a connection who can get you an introduction if possible. LinkedIn can be a valuable resources for this.

Know Your Limits

There are times when you got to pay your due diligence and look at yourself in the mirror, and be pragmatic about what jobs are possible and which are not. If a position calls for 10 years direct medical sales experience and you have 0, you aren’t going to get that job unless you know someone at the company who can make it happen. I suggest you don’t waste your time pursuing opportunities that aren’t likely to pan out, and instead focus only on your best opportunities.

Get Used To It

You are going to be in pharmaceutical industry thus it makes a lot of sense to familiarize with the words that people in this industry use. How you do it? The Internet contains tons of free resources. All you go to do is to connect. You can do this in a few ways: forums, discussion group, articles, videos and audios. Use the Search Engines to look for the information you need and get busy.

Starting with no experience is tough, especially in a highly competitive field like pharmaceutical sales. Try not get discouraged though. Competition gets you on your feet, makes you more efficient, and gets you moving faster. Believe me, you will need all those skills once you are on the job. Good luck!