A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Careers

How to Change Careers Perhaps you just begin to lose interest. Perhaps you find something that interests you more. Perhaps your company is downsizing. These are just some of the numerous reasons that people change careers. Are you facing that career change plunge? Do you wish you were? Take it

Resume Rick’s Interview Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide for things to remember as you prepare for your interview! Documents & Preparation Do you have multiple copies of your resume printed on high-quality paper?Do you have an extra copy of the cover letter you submitted?If applying for a job requiring a portfolio, do

6 Reasons You Aren’t Getting the Job You Want

This article is for people who have been on the job search for more than 9 months. This seems to be a critical point at which people come to terms with the fact that it’s not the economy but their job search approach that is preventing them from getting a

How to create a resume when you’ve had a high number of jobs

Job hopping used to be a huge red flag for hiring managers. While it’s still a big issue, it’s not uncommon to have several jobs lasting only a year or two, especially in this weak economy. Contributors to Job Hopping The job market’s evolved. Decades ago, companies offered career-long job

Cover letter recommendations for college students

Whether submitting your cover letter and resume for a job or applying for something else, such as graduate school, it’s important for college students to word their cover letters in ways that make it easy for the recipient to read, makes sense, and conveys what it is that needs to

Your Online Reputation: How it Effects Your Job Search

If you are seeking a new job, you will almost certainlty be Googled by the hiring manager. The latest survey said that 81% of employers WILL Google candidates. Online reputation management is a critical piece of your online job search. That’s just the way it is. Quick story, when I

Here is Exactly What You Need to Do Immediately After You Get Laid Off

The Pragmatists’ Guide For What To Do The Day After You Get Laid Off YES IT REALLY HAPPENED SO LET’S DEAL WITH IT. You got called in with the HR person and your boss most likely and were told you are being laid off. Maybe its part of a larger

My Best Job Search Tactic: Cold Call Your Way to A New Position

Aside from professional sales and recruiting reps, most people would rather not make a cold call. Combine the usual discomforts of making an unsolicited contact with the high anxiety associated with job hunting and together they create a pretty stressful experience. So why would anyone put himself or herself through

Writing a Cover Letter That Gets You Noticed

A good resume is definitely important when applying for a job; whether or not you are called in for interview will depend on much of the information that is included in your resume and a badly presented one will often go to the bottom of the pile. However, a good

The Best Questions to Ask During The Interview

You probably already know that an interview isn’t just a chance for a hiring manager to grill you—it’s your opportunity to sniff out whether a job is the right fit for you. Which means: It’s important to go in with some questions. What do you want to know about the