Why LinkedIn is critical

Why LinkedIn is Critical

Professionals know that LinkedIn is top place job recruiters look to acquire talent. But with 550 million+ profiles on LinkedIn, how are recruiters going to find you?

LinkedIn profile writing and installation includes:

A search-optimized headline designed to increase your visibility in search results

Researching, optimizing, and installing 25 hard-skill keywords relevant for your experience and goals.

Installing a compelling background image

Uploading images, videos, documents, work samples, and links to webpages (optional, you provide).

Adjusting your contact settings so recruiters can email you without connecting.

Composing a summary that includes a biography, accomplishments, and career highlights

Completing all sections of profile including past and present work experiences, education, certifications, publications, languages, awards, and recognition.

Inserting a professional headshot (you provide).

Adjusting settings to make your all-star profile 100% visible to people searching for your skills.

Adjusting confidentiality settings to your network is not notified about profile improvements

 LinkedIn is a free resource that is a must-have for any job search read our free article on why and how to leverage the POWER of LinkedIn

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