Your cover letter is easily one of the most challenging documents you may ever write, trying to maintain the delicate balance between sounding capable without sounding arrogant. Not to mention, you have to ensure proper formatting to be perceived as the best fit for the job. I’ve compiled the following cover letter tips and tricks that will help you stand out:
1. Avoid awkward wording that sounds overly formal or too rigid.
2. Be thorough, but brief. Cover letters should be short and to-the-point.
3. State specific details about the company that you feel drawn to. The more you
show you’ve researched the company’s values, the more dedicated and informed
the hiring manager will perceive you to be.
4. Explain how the company would benefit from hiring you. Organizations want to
know “what’s in it for me,” and how you’ll contribute to revenue growth.
5. Mention specific details about each position to show that you aren’t simply sending a “form letter.”
6. Keep the overall length of the letter to a single page.
7. Unless specified otherwise, send your resume as a .pdf, as this will ensure the recipient can read it with all formatting intact.
8. Don’t state the obvious.
9. If you’re going to compliment the efforts of the organization, make sure you
sound authentic.
10. Be sure to thank the recipient for their consideration.